Whether in Ukraine, Iran, Afghanistan or at Europe’s external borders: In many places, far too many people are suffering. Despite the challenging times in Germany, we want to ensure that other people in need are not forgotten and show what cohesion looks like.

To do this, we are bringing together 40 aid organizations. They evacuate, supply, advise and protect. They save lives or enforce human rights; they pick up where crises are felt most acutely. And now they need you.

Because these organizations not only have in common that they do incredibly good work, unfortunately they share another commonality: they lack funds to continue their work, which saves lives every day.

Now it’s up to us to make solidarity concrete! For each project, we launched a fundraising campaign. Our goal is to raise the money for each organization by Christmas. We get support for this from our celebrity patrons. But to succeed, we need you!


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How does #StrongerTogether work?

Together, we provide solidarity in difficult times. To this end, we confront disinformation with facts and promote empathy with the people in Ukraine, Iran and refugees. In order to achieve this, we will collect donations for various projects that do something against the grievances on site. We already have the support of over 60 celebrities for this.

The best thing about it is that we distribute the money to where it is needed most. When you donate money to a project, one half of the donation goes directly to that project. The other half then goes to other projects that would otherwise go empty-handed. 35% of it goes to those who are already part of the #StrongerTogether campaign and whose collections are not doing so well. With the remaining 15%, we will support projects that are in particularly urgent need of support right now, but are not yet part of the campaign.

This is how #StrongerTogether works

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Support one of the projects or the entire campaign through your own fundraising efforts. Set your own fundraising goal and raise money together with your friends, family and followers to make the work of the projects possible.

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#StrongerTogether brings together various projects in Ukraine, Afghanistan, the Balkan route and on the EU’s external border. Choose your favorite project and support the work of activists with your donation!

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Can’t decide on a project? No problem, just donate to our collection pot and we will then distribute the money to where it is needed most.

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Projects selection


HÁWAR.help e.V. is a human rights organization that implements development, education and awareness projects in Iraq, Germany and Afghanistan. 37.500€ are needed for the construction and operation of a "Safe House" in Afghanistan.


Fenix supports refugees on Lesvos in claiming their rights by providing free legal counseling and psychological support. To finance the project for one month, 14.000€ are needed.

Civil MRCC

The Civil Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (CMRCC) enables more efficient coordination of search and rescue operations in the central Mediterranean. Fugitives in distress at sea, for example, can report via the Alarmphone, an emergency number for fugitives, or are spotted by aircraft. The CMRCC compiles this information into a situational picture, helping to save thousands of people from drowning.

No Nation Truck

Deaths due to cold or malnutrition are unfortunately a daily occurrence along Europe's escape routes. The converted truck of the No Nation Truck Collective travels these routes and provides people on the run with the most basic necessities. To help fund the project for the next year, we want to raise 5,000€ by Christmas.

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