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Fenix unterstützt Geflüchtete auf Lesbos durch kostenlose Rechtsberatung und psychologische Unterstützung darin, ihre Rechte einzufordern. Um das Projekt einen Monat zu finanzieren, werden 14.000€ benötigt.


Paréa Lesvos Community Center – Europe Cares


Paréa Lesvos provides refugees on Lesvos with an important daily retreat and various support services. The community center is run by the organization Europe Cares, which supports people fleeing at Europe's external borders and advocates for human rights. To ensure the continuity of the Community Center, which hosts over 10 NGOs, we need 25.000€.

Paréa Lesvos Community Center – Europe Cares2022-12-20T18:51:04+01:00

Human Plus Iran


In Iran, feminist and dissident demonstrations are currently being brutally suppressed. Protesters are killed and imprisoned. To support political prisoners in Iran, we want to collect 10.000€ for the association Human Plus e.V. until Christmas.

Human Plus Iran2022-12-07T12:09:18+01:00

Kabul Luftbrücke


The Kabul Luftbrücke was formed last year during the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan to evacuate people quickly. Since then, with the help of this organization, nearly 3,000 people have been evacuated from Afghanistan and assisted in their sometimes complicated admission procedures. To continue these evacuations, we want to raise 100,000€ by Christmas.

Kabul Luftbrücke2022-12-20T08:27:37+01:00

Sea Punks


The Sea Punks have bought and rebuilt a ship, now they are about to go on missions for sea rescue. To help fund a place in the shipyard, we want to collectively raise at least 5,000€ by Christmas!

Sea Punks2022-12-07T12:17:56+01:00



The Solibus helps unbureaucratically and quickly when things get critical: at the Polish-Belarusian border or in the evacuation of BiPoC refugees from Ukraine. We want to support a new bus with 15.000€.


Iran Journal


Free reporting from Iran has never been more important than now: Iran Journal has been providing this since 2010! To finance their work for the next six months, we want to raise 15,000€.

Iran Journal2022-12-07T13:30:02+01:00

Refocus Media Labs


Refocus Media Labs develops media concepts together with refugees and gives photo and video workshops. To support a new project in Kraków for Ukrainian refugees for 3 months, we want to support the project with 15.000€.

Refocus Media Labs2022-12-07T12:18:08+01:00

Liebe im Karton


Liebe im Karton organizes gift campaigns for children in Germany, Europe and the Middle East every year at Christmas. For this year's Christmas project we want to support Liebe im Karton with 10.000€. The money is needed for supplies for the control of the boxes, logistics and relief supplies.

Liebe im Karton2022-12-07T12:13:28+01:00
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