Sea Punks


The Sea Punks have bought and rebuilt a ship, now they are about to go on missions for sea rescue. To help fund a place in the shipyard, we want to collectively raise at least 5,000€ by Christmas!

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The Solibus helps unbureaucratically and quickly when things get critical: at the Polish-Belarusian border or in the evacuation of BiPoC refugees from Ukraine. We want to support a new bus with 15.000€.


Liebe im Karton


Liebe im Karton organizes gift campaigns for children in Germany, Europe and the Middle East every year at Christmas. For this year's Christmas project we want to support Liebe im Karton with 10.000€. The money is needed for supplies for the control of the boxes, logistics and relief supplies.

Liebe im Karton2022-12-07T12:13:28+01:00 SCORING GIRLS*


Migrant girls in particular find it difficult to participate in sports and soccer training. SCORING GIRLS* organizes trainings, social activities and much more for over 900 girls in Cologne, Berlin and Iraq. To support one location of the project for the next 3 months, we want to raise 10.000€. SCORING GIRLS*2022-12-07T13:26:16+01:00

Civil MRCC


The Civil Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (CMRCC) enables more efficient coordination of search and rescue operations in the central Mediterranean. Fugitives in distress at sea, for example, can report via the Alarmphone, an emergency number for fugitives, or are spotted by aircraft. The CMRCC compiles this information into a situational picture, helping to save thousands of people from drowning.

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Medical Volunteers International


Medical Volunteers International has been providing medical care for displaced people since 2016. To help finance their projects in Greece and Serbia over the winter, we want to raise 10.000€ until Christmas.

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