Paréa Lesvos Community Center – Europe Cares


Paréa Lesvos provides refugees on Lesvos with an important daily retreat and various support services. The community center is run by the organization Europe Cares, which supports people fleeing at Europe's external borders and advocates for human rights. To ensure the continuity of the Community Center, which hosts over 10 NGOs, we need 25.000€.

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No Name Kitchen


No Name Kitchen provides access to medical care, food and clothing along the Balkan route, in Greece and Ceuta to support refugees in their search for a better life. To finance the project over the winter, 50.000€ are needed.

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Visions for Children


Visions for Children improves education in war and conflict regions. The project needs 50,000€ for the construction of a new school in Afghanistan, where girls will also be taught.

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Migrant girls in particular find it difficult to participate in sports and soccer training. SCORING GIRLS* organizes trainings, social activities and much more for over 900 girls in Cologne, Berlin and Iraq. To support one location of the project for the next 3 months, we want to raise 10.000€. SCORING GIRLS*2022-12-07T13:26:16+01:00


HÁ e.V. is a human rights organization that implements development, education and awareness projects in Iraq, Germany and Afghanistan. 37.500€ are needed for the construction and operation of a "Safe House" in Afghanistan.


Yoga & Sports


Yoga & Sports with Refugees is organized by refugees themselves and creates through sports opportunities for refugees in the camp on Lesvos. There they can escape the grueling lack of perspective of the camp for a moment.

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