Helpbus delivers relief supplies quickly and unbureaucratically to disaster areas. This winter, they especially want to provide people in Ukraine with the most basic necessities. To make this happen, we want to raise €10,000 by Christmas.




Libereco focuses its work on elderly and dependent people in Ukraine who are unable to flee. To improve their situation, they are (re)building care facilities with local partner organizations. To support their new assisted living project, we aim to raise €15,000 by Christmas.


Netzwerk Ziviler Krisenstab


By uniting the committed civilian population, the Netzwerk Ziviler Krisenstab brings many tons of relief supplies to Ukraine quickly and without bureaucracy. In order to help finance the construction of a children's rehabilitation center, we want to raise 15,000€.

Netzwerk Ziviler Krisenstab2022-12-07T12:16:38+01:00

Ukraine – Hilfe Berlin


Ukraine - Hilfe Berlin has been providing medical and humanitarian aid to people in Ukraine since 2014. To care for the injured, we want to raise 10,000€ for 100 first aid kits.

Ukraine – Hilfe Berlin2022-12-07T09:39:03+01:00

LeaveNoOneBehind Infohub Ukraine


The LeaveNoOneBehind Ukraine Info Hub combines the power of over 40 small organizations to provide effective aid to Ukraine. Together with partner organizations, more than 5,000 tons of relief supplies were organized, as well as evacuations and assistance for emergency repairs on the ground. To accomplish this feat over the winter, we want to raise €25,000 by Christmas.

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BASE UA formed in the wake of Russia's large-scale war of aggression against Ukraine to evacuate people from the most heavily contested areas. To support the development of a Base Info Hub, we aim to raise €15,000 by Christmas. The Info Hub includes a Cultural Center, Mobile Medical Clinics, evacuation operations, and projects to rebuild liberated regions.

BASE UA2022-12-07T09:42:51+01:00
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