Boat Theater Group


The Boat Theater Group is a group self-organized by refugees who founded a theater project next to the horror of the camp on Lesbos. To finance the project in the next months, we want to support with 10.000€.

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SOS Balkanroute


SOS Balkanroute is committed to helping people who have almost completely disappeared from the news. They organize collection campaigns, transport of donations and medical care along the Balkan route. To finance the project over the winter, 15.000€ are needed.

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Netzwerk Ziviler Krisenstab


By uniting the committed civilian population, the Netzwerk Ziviler Krisenstab brings many tons of relief supplies to Ukraine quickly and without bureaucracy. In order to help finance the construction of a children's rehabilitation center, we want to raise 15,000€.

Netzwerk Ziviler Krisenstab2022-12-07T12:16:38+01:00



Blindspots organizes stoves and firewood for people stuck in tents on the Bosnian-Croatian border throughout the winter, preventing many deaths from the cold each year. To finance the project over the winter, we want to raise 10,000€ by Christmas.

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