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In August 2021, the German government promised a quick solution for all those in Afghanistan who have faced a significant threat since the takeover. People who worked for German organizations, the Bundeswehr and government projects, who were committed to human and women’s rights, freedom of expression and free education, are threatened, persecuted, imprisoned, tortured and killed by the new rulers. But the federal government’s admissions list closes after two weeks, the evacuation mission ends, and thousands of people are left behind.

Since the takeover of power, the Kabul Luftbrücke has been helping people to safely leave and continue their journey from Afghanistan to Germany. We accept neither the leaving behind of persons with entry permits to Germany nor the arbitrariness with which these permits were distributed. We have shown what is possible: carrying out evacuations by air and over land, helping people to obtain their visas, housing them and accompanying them in their procedures, exerting political pressure and not simply sweeping our responsibilities under the carpet.

In order to pursue our goal – open points of contact for those at risk from Afghanistan, safe departures for all with a promise of admission and the dismantling of bureaucratic, politically motivated hurdles – we continue to need your support and want to collect together until Christmas 25,000€ of the required 100,000€ for the Kabul Luftbrücke. #StrongerTogether

This 100.000€ of the #StrongerTogether campaign is only a small part of the needed budget of the Kabul Luftbrücke. Therefore, the Kabul Luftbrücke is still collecting donations through its own campaign to make its important work possible.

Support one of the projects or the entire campaign through your own fundraising efforts. Set your own fundraising goal and raise money together with your friends, family and followers to make the work of the projects possible.

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How does #StrongerTogether work?

We distribute the money fairly to where it is needed most. When you donate money to a project, half of the donation goes directly to that project. However, a smaller portion goes into the overall pot of all projects and will be distributed to all projects in the campaign after Christmas.

This means that every donation helps in several places. Fundraisers that go well support those who lack attention despite great need. You don’t have to decide which of the many problems you want to fight with your donation. You can simply choose which project is most important to you and we will make sure that the others don’t go away empty-handed.

Exactly means:

50% of the money will go directly to the project you have chosen and will make a direct contribution to support, protect or evacuate people there.

35% will be distributed to other projects in the campaign should they not meet their fundraising goals. In this way, we ensure that none of the projects, and thus the people who rely on their support, go away empty-handed. In this way, we ensure cohesion among the projects, because we do not fundraise against each other, but with each other. An overview of these projectscan be found here.

15% will go to the LeaveNoOneBehind Emergency Fund. In the past year, we have seen in Afghanistan and Ukraine, among other places, that it is often a matter of acting quickly. Through this Emergency Fund, we were able to launch projects such as the Kabul Airlift or the Ukraine Hub within a few days, helping over 1000 people from thesen countries to evacuate. In addition, we have supported over 100 organizations in the last 3 years. You can find an overview of the grants here.

This is how #StrongerTogether works.

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1. In principle, you do not need a donation receipt for the tax office for donations up to 300 euros. A self-generated account or online bank printout is sufficient to prove the donation. It is important that your name, the account number and our data as well as the booking date, the amount and the actual execution of the payment can be seen from it. In addition, please keep the simplified donation receipt we have prepared.

2. If you have donated via the donation form: In the donation form you can choose whether we should send you a donation receipt. If you have answered yes to this option, you will automatically receive the donation receipt by e-mail in the spring of the following year. If you need the donation receipt more urgently, please contact us via spenden[at]

3. If you have donated by SEPA bank transfer: Please note that if you donate by bank transfer, we will not have your contact details at first and therefore you will not receive any further notification or confirmation of receipt of the money. However, you are very welcome to send us your contact details after your donation to spenden[at] and also let us know if you need a donation receipt.