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Projects in Ukraine

LeaveNoOneBehind Infohub Ukraine

The LeaveNoOneBehind Ukraine Info Hub combines the power of over 40 small organizations to provide effective aid to Ukraine. Together with partner organizations, more than 5,000 tons of relief supplies were organized, as well as evacuations and assistance for emergency repairs on the ground. To accomplish this feat over the winter, we want to raise €25,000 by Christmas.


Helpbus delivers relief supplies quickly and unbureaucratically to disaster areas. This winter, they especially want to provide people in Ukraine with the most basic necessities. To make this happen, we want to raise €10,000 by Christmas.

Netzwerk Ziviler Krisenstab

By uniting the committed civilian population, the Netzwerk Ziviler Krisenstab brings many tons of relief supplies to Ukraine quickly and without bureaucracy. In order to help finance the construction of a children's rehabilitation center, we want to raise 15,000€.


Libereco focuses its work on elderly and dependent people in Ukraine who are unable to flee. To improve their situation, they are (re)building care facilities with local partner organizations. To support their new assisted living project, we aim to raise €15,000 by Christmas.


BASE UA formed in the wake of Russia's large-scale war of aggression against Ukraine to evacuate people from the most heavily contested areas. To support the development of a Base Info Hub, we aim to raise €15,000 by Christmas. The Info Hub includes a Cultural Center, Mobile Medical Clinics, evacuation operations, and projects to rebuild liberated regions.

Ukraine – Hilfe Berlin

Ukraine - Hilfe Berlin has been providing medical and humanitarian aid to people in Ukraine since 2014. To care for the injured, we want to raise 10,000€ for 100 first aid kits.

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Projects in Afghanistan

Kabul Luftbrücke

The Kabul Luftbrücke was formed last year during the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan to evacuate people quickly. Since then, with the help of this organization, nearly 3,000 people have been evacuated from Afghanistan and assisted in their sometimes complicated admission procedures. To continue these evacuations, we want to raise 100,000€ by Christmas.

Visions for Children

Visions for Children improves education in war and conflict regions. The project needs 50,000€ for the construction of a new school in Afghanistan, where girls will also be taught.

HÁ e.V. is a human rights organization that implements development, education and awareness projects in Iraq, Germany and Afghanistan. 37.500€ are needed for the construction and operation of a "Safe House" in Afghanistan.

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Projects in Iran

Human Plus Iran

In Iran, feminist and dissident demonstrations are currently being brutally suppressed. Protesters are killed and imprisoned. To support political prisoners in Iran, we want to collect 10.000€ for the association Human Plus e.V. until Christmas.

Iran Journal

Free reporting from Iran has never been more important than now: Iran Journal has been providing this since 2010! To finance their work for the next six months, we want to raise 15,000€.

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Projects in Greece

Paréa Lesvos Community Center – Europe Cares

Paréa Lesvos provides refugees on Lesvos with an important daily retreat and various support services. The community center is run by the organization Europe Cares, which supports people fleeing at Europe's external borders and advocates for human rights. To ensure the continuity of the Community Center, which hosts over 10 NGOs, we need 25.000€.

Refocus Media Labs

Refocus Media Labs develops media concepts together with refugees and gives photo and video workshops. To support a new project in Kraków for Ukrainian refugees for 3 months, we want to support the project with 15.000€.

LeaveNoOneBehind Team Greece

The LeaveNoOneBehind team on Lesvos responds quickly and efficiently to needs on the ground. For example, with a free clothing distribution for camp residents or shower containers to improve the catastrophic hygiene situation. In order to continue funding the project, we aim to raise €25,000 by Christmas.

Boat Theater Group

The Boat Theater Group is a group self-organized by refugees who founded a theater project next to the horror of the camp on Lesbos. To finance the project in the next months, we want to support with 10.000€.

Legal Center Lesvos

The Legal Center Lesvos is one of the few organizations that have successfully managed to bring cases of human rights violations against refugees to the European Court of Justice. They offer free legal advice to refugees and thus prevent refugees from being disenfranchised.

Aegean Boat Report

Illegal pushbacks are an everyday occurrence at European borders. To take action against them, they must be well documented and collected. The Aegean Boat Report reports 24/7 on border incidents, allowing for quick assistance and monitoring of "border agents".


Fenix supports refugees on Lesvos in claiming their rights by providing free legal counseling and psychological support. To finance the project for one month, 14.000€ are needed.

Equal Rights Beyond Borders

To fight for respect for human rights at external borders, Equal Rights Beyond Borders provides free legal counsel to refugees and files lawsuits against human rights violations. By Christmas we want to raise 20,000€ to ensure the continuity of the project.

Earth Medicine Physical Rehabilitation

Refugees with physical disabilities have a particularly hard time on the run and in camps. To assist them in their healing process, EMPR provides regular care, supplies and treatment. In order to continue funding the project, we want to raise 15,000€ by Christmas.

Just Action Samos

Just Action Samos provides the refugees in the camp on the Greek island of Samos, as well as the local population, with food and hygiene items. In order to finance the project despite the rising prices in the coming months, we want to raise 10,000€ by Christmas.

Yoga & Sports

Yoga & Sports with Refugees is organized by refugees themselves and creates through sports opportunities for refugees in the camp on Lesvos. There they can escape the grueling lack of perspective of the camp for a moment.

Rolling Safespace

Women and non-male persons are particularly vulnerable in refugee camps. ROSA Safe Space is a converted truck that travels from camp to camp offering them a range of activities and support. In order to finance the project for the next few months, we want to raise at least 15,000 euros.

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Projects on the Balkan Route

No Name Kitchen

No Name Kitchen provides access to medical care, food and clothing along the Balkan route, in Greece and Ceuta to support refugees in their search for a better life. To finance the project over the winter, 50.000€ are needed.

SOS Balkanroute

SOS Balkanroute is committed to helping people who have almost completely disappeared from the news. They organize collection campaigns, transport of donations and medical care along the Balkan route. To finance the project over the winter, 15.000€ are needed.


Blindspots organizes stoves and firewood for people stuck in tents on the Bosnian-Croatian border throughout the winter, preventing many deaths from the cold each year. To finance the project over the winter, we want to raise 10,000€ by Christmas.

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Projects on the Italian-French border

No Nation Truck

Deaths due to cold or malnutrition are unfortunately a daily occurrence along Europe's escape routes. The converted truck of the No Nation Truck Collective travels these routes and provides people on the run with the most basic necessities. To help fund the project for the next year, we want to raise 5,000€ by Christmas.

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Projects on the Polish-Belarusian border

Wir packen’s an

"Wir packen's an" organizes relief supplies wherever refugees are stuck at borders and need care. To finance the supplies for the next 3 months, 10.000€ are needed.

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Projects active in different regions

Sea Punks

The Sea Punks have bought and rebuilt a ship, now they are about to go on missions for sea rescue. To help fund a place in the shipyard, we want to collectively raise at least 5,000€ by Christmas!


The Solibus helps unbureaucratically and quickly when things get critical: at the Polish-Belarusian border or in the evacuation of BiPoC refugees from Ukraine. We want to support a new bus with 15.000€.

Liebe im Karton

Liebe im Karton organizes gift campaigns for children in Germany, Europe and the Middle East every year at Christmas. For this year's Christmas project we want to support Liebe im Karton with 10.000€. The money is needed for supplies for the control of the boxes, logistics and relief supplies. SCORING GIRLS*

Migrant girls in particular find it difficult to participate in sports and soccer training. SCORING GIRLS* organizes trainings, social activities and much more for over 900 girls in Cologne, Berlin and Iraq. To support one location of the project for the next 3 months, we want to raise 10.000€.

Civil MRCC

The Civil Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (CMRCC) enables more efficient coordination of search and rescue operations in the central Mediterranean. Fugitives in distress at sea, for example, can report via the Alarmphone, an emergency number for fugitives, or are spotted by aircraft. The CMRCC compiles this information into a situational picture, helping to save thousands of people from drowning.

Medical Volunteers International

Medical Volunteers International has been providing medical care for displaced people since 2016. To help finance their projects in Greece and Serbia over the winter, we want to raise 10.000€ until Christmas.

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