Human rights violations at the european borders?

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For years the EU, its member states, and FRONTEX have been committing Human Rights violations at the European borders. The crimes are widely known and documented – still nothing is changing.

We won’t accept that and are coming together with legal organizations and human rights lawyers to oppose the system of injustice.

We want to

  • bring as many legal actions as possible in front of the European courts to shake the system of injustice
  • facilitate the access to legal representation for as many refugees as possible so that they can demand their rights
  • develop legal strategies to hold the EU, its member states and FRONTEX accountable for the system of injustice

We need you to start this process! Every donation helps but most effective are regular donations as we are tackling a long-term and structural problem.

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Your donation helps!

With your donation we can financially support local organisations that do important legal work on the ground, so that they can legally represent more clients. Human rights lawyers can show the responsible politicians that their actions have legal limits.

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